Spinning the object, and not the camera or lighting?

Matthew Garrity 12 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 12 months ago 1

Rather than rotating the viewing angle (camera) around the scene to view the object, is it possible to just spin the object leaving the camera still and the lighting environment still?

My problem is that the HDRI images only seem to light the package well only at certain viewing angles. So if I rotate around the scene, the package might not be lit well from the back (for example). If I'm able to keep the camera and lighting still while just spinning the package, I'm able to have the exposure I'm looking for no matter what panel i'm looking at.

Is this possible?


You can try this https://boxshot.com/koru/tutorials/tips/auto-rotation/, but basically if you want this in interactive mode - that's hardly possible.