Support of the 3MF Open Source file format in Koru

k-tools 11 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 11 months ago 0
Hello Vitaly, hello Koru support team!

I'm working with Microsoft's 3D Builder app to work with 3D models of my product. I'm importing STL files into the builder and apply changes to the surface, such as colors because STL can't do that. I always want to showcase these efforts on my website, and therefore I use Koru to export them (as HTML file). However, the Microsoft 3D Builder always suggests me to use the 3MF format for the best representation of the file, instead of OBJ. I know Koru allows STL and OBJ but I can't import 3MF because it isn't listed in the allowed file formats. Do you know if there is a workaround or would you need to include 3MF support on your end? I'd love to try that out in Koru. I'd be happy if you have some information for me.

Thank you and please take care.