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Installing Conical Labels

Jesse Younce 3 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 11

I'm trying to demo the conical label software to see if it's what I need but I can't get the plugin to install!
I've moved the plugin to my Illustrator CC plugin folder but nothing.

Any idea what is going wrong?

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Hello Jesse,

It is important to place the right plugin into the Illustrator plug-ins folder. See here for more details: https://boxshot.com/support/conical-label-help/install_install.html

It it still doesn't help, please let me know what Illustrator version you have and if you use Mac or Windows, so I can give you more detailed instructions.

Nope, no conical option in the object menu- attached screen shot

Mac 10.13.6 (High Sierra)

Illustrator CC (current)


You need conical-label-cc-2018 plugin to match this version of Illustrator. The one you copied is for Illustrator CC, which is much older.

Could you provide a link to that download?

I just went to the download page and chose the only download shown for mac


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The download is a DMG file and if you open it, you'll see a couple of folders:

As you have Illustrator CC 2018, you need the highlighted one. Enter it to see the plugin itself:

There will be three files there:

  • conical-label-2018.aip - the plugin itself
  • Plugins - a link to your Illustrator CC 2018 Plug-ins folder for your convenience
  • readme.txt - all the necessary instructions to install this particular plugin to Illustrator

If you have Illustrator CC 2018 installed in default location, you can simply drag the first file into the Plugins link below to copy it there. Otherwise please follow the readme.txt file for detailed instructions.

PS: You might also need to remove conical-label-cc.aip file from the Illustrator's Plug-ins folder if it is still there.


Got it- Thanks.

Testing the software and it looks like the conical shape is only applied to vector art.

I'm working with files that have placed Photoshop art - can placed files not be warped as well?


It should work for all the content. Please feel free to share a minimal example that doesn't work.

Thanks for the screenshots. Can we get a real AI project that doesn't work? Maybe a small example, showing the problem that we can test here?

Thanks, it looks like Adobe Illustrator does not support envelopes for linked files: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/997950

The solution is to embed the images, then you can wrap the label.