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Conical Labels - Warp seems too extreme

Cliff 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 3

When I enter the dimensions of my conical vessel the warp that is applied to my art seems too extreme. When I stick the label on the vessel it doesn't look straight, the edges curve downward, which I believe indicates the warp has gone to far. Are there any instructions or tips you have for getting it right? Thanks kindly

Under review

Well, all the math is based on the dimensions you provide. If the label doesn't fit well, I would first check that top/bottom diameters are measured properly. If it is not the case, I need more details, like dimensions, photos of the non-straight label and so on, so we can have a closer look.


Yeah I was surprised the the labels I'm making seem off, the input for the dimensions is straight forward so I'll just double check that I'm measuring correctly. What does Cone Top, Middle, and Bottom refer to? I would assume the vessel being used, but there is nowhere to enter the vessel hight so I don't so how the plugin would calculate that.


The plugin gets the label dimensions from the artwork and then asks for top and bottom diameters of the applied label, so the height here is the artwork height, or the length of the vessel surface along the label.

The other option lets you choose how to apply the label. Selecting "top" will bend the bottom part of the label, selecting "bottom" will bend the top part of the label and selecting "middle" will bend both parts of the label. You basically choose where on the label you want to keep the original width of the artwork and then the plugin adjusts the other parts of the label according to your selection.