Idea for a new plugin - Infopanels

D-M 12 months ago updated 4 months ago 4

Hello all. What do you think about the idea for the new Illustrator plugin from Appsforlife? I mean a plugin similar to that from Esko called Esko Dynamic Panels (video showing the plugin ->

). In my previous work, we encountered the problem of repeating monotonous steps of entering data into infotables, such as colors, order name, order number etc. We were looking for some interesting solution but unfortunately the only one was the plug-in from Esko mentioned earlier which is too expensive for its functionality. Unfortunately, no one else on the market offers anything similar. Finally, one of our employees wrote a jsx plugin that had similar (though of course much more limited functionality). I no longer work for the aforementioned company but I would love to automate some of my work, such as inserting infotables in projects. From what I could find out if there is a need for such software, there is a chance that Appsforlife will deal with the topic.

Or is it only me who is trying to maximally automate monotonous activities?

Ps. Of course, there is no chance to make a faithful copy of the plugin from Esko because it works with AutomationEngine but from what I know a large part of the functions shown in the video can be implemented without cooperation (data exchange) with AE.

I would love this script, yes Esko Dynamic Marks is the king but insanely expensive, especially when you have large # of users. I know this script can be done and has in part by other scripters, look into https://o2creative.co.nz/Templator_PowerScript_Plugin_Extension_for_Adobe_Illustrator.php and his other scipt like Proof Color List, that should show you it can be done, I think you would be very successful if you could pull off a script that rivals Dynamic Marks


I know these scripts, but I won't spend a dollar on them. Most of them look like rewritten scripts that are somewhere on the web, some of them have the functionality of free scripts. Besides, the shown functionality is referred to as "work around". Primarily, they are scripts, not plugins. Hence, their speed of operation is "average". Most of the functions in the script you provided (from the link) are meaningless in their operation. I mean automatic completion of certain works, not running a script to provide data. Especially that a lot of data which the plugin would fill in the infotable can be easily downloaded from Adobe Illustrator. This is how a script written by a colleague from my former job worked. It collected data about used colors, barcodes (including BWR and code magnification), linked files etc. If I could only program in C ++, I would quit my current job and start writing such plugins because the market is definitely there.

Ps. the plugin I wrote about in the first post is Dynamic Panels. Dynamic Marks is a different plug-in from Esko and does something else.

Yes I'm aware panels and marks are different, mistakenly wrote marks as that's what I'm used to using as well, but still doesn't negate the fact the another version isn't needed for either. Wish someone would tackle those projects as it's sorely needed.

As for the link posted, I have no clue on those either, as I just thought they were somewhat interesting.

Believe me, if there is something similar in functionality to Dynamic Panels, I will write about it here. From time to time I dig around the web in search of plugins / scripts that will automate my work, without causing my bankruptcy. Unfortunately, no major results so far. But I found a Frenchman who writes cool plugins, maybe he can be persuaded to write another one.