The Software Crashes

Please read below if you experience any problems with application stability, i.e if it hangs, glitches, crashes or something like that.

We test our software on all the major operating systems on both supported platforms, so it unlikely has obvious problems. Before reporting the crash, please do the following:

On Windows

  • Read this page and try the steps there. It helps in about 99% of the recently reported cases;
  • Uninstall the software completely, make sure no files are left in Program Files, then install it back;
  • Run Windows Update and make sure your system is up-to-date;
  • Check that your tablet drivers are up-to-date. We have issues with outdated Wacom tablet drivers, for example.

On Mac

  • Check that there is no system updates pending. Install them.


If the above doesn't help, please check the software on another computer, if any. Then create a new user on the same computer and try the software there. Sometimes third-party apps may affect each other, so it is a good idea to test it in the clean environment.

If nothing helps...

If nothing helps, please contact us with as much details as possible, we'll try to help. Do not forget to attach crash dumps and logs that the apps show you when crashing.

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