Old Imposition Wizard Standalone crashes on macOS Sierra 10.12

This usually happens when you upgrade your older OS X to Sierra. Something goes wrong with permissions and this may lead to Imposition Wizard issues. If you experience that, please do the following:

  1. Quit Imposition Wizard;
  2. Uninstall it from Applications folder by dragging into the Trash can;
  3. Open Finder, click its Go menu, then click "Go To Folder";
  4. Type or paste ~/Library/Preferences/ there (note the "~" symbol at the beginning) and open the folder;
  5. Erase the com.appsforlife.ImpositionWizard.plist that lives there;
  6. Empty the Trash can;
  7. Restart your Mac;
  8. Make a clean installation of Imposition Wizard.

Imposition Wizard should work just fine after that.

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