License key doesn't work?

There are several reasons your license key might not work with Imposition Wizard:

  • Your subscription has expired
  • You have a permanent license key with expired support period
  • You pasted the wrong key
  • You made a mistake while pasting/entering the key

First of all, make sure you are using the latest license key you have. Each time you renew your license, you get a new key from us. You need to replace your old license key with the new one. Failing to do so may prevent the application from working.

If you have a subscription license, check the date when you ordered it. If it is more than a year ago, your subscription has expired - you need to renew it. Make sure you replaced the old license key in the application with the new one.

If you have a permanent license, there is a chance that its free updates period is over and you installed the new version which is not supported by your key. The software will tell you about that. You have two options:

If it still doesn't help, please contact us using a private message. Provide your license key and any other information that may help to identify your order.

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