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You can try accessing the scene material using Javascript and modify the color there. More details are here:

If you want a simpler solution, you can just make some materials in Koru and make a snapshot for each material.

Hello Andrew,

We did some tests with Apple development kit and the rendering was slower, but not to that extent... We haven't got the new macs yet, hope to get them by December and then we'll be able to do proper performance testing with the real hardware.

The thing is that Boxshot highly depends on CPU and emulation slows the things down. Unfortunately, one of the frameworks that we depend on has not been ported to ARM yet. This should be done early next year and then we'll be able to release the ARM version of Boxshot (and other apps). Meanwhile, consider rendering on Intel.


This is planned for the next update.

Unfortunately, the page gives a 404 error. The problem could be caused by the javascript code, which should look like this:

function koruInit(koru) {
    koru.addEventListener('loadend', onLoadEnd);
    koru.addEventListener('update', onKoruUpdate);

function onLoadEnd() {

function onKoruUpdate() {
    // the code from the screenshot above

So you need to add two handlers in a single koruInit() and implement them in two separate functions.

Hello Arne,

Have a look at Koru: - that's exactly what you need.


So far we had no issues with running Origami on Big Sur, so you are good to go with the upgrade. Let me know if you have any problems.

Got it, will address this in the next update.


Other users find it convenient to keep the name they entered on the previous saving, so forgetting this name would be a problem for them. Barcode currently remembers the exported file name for each barcode and puts it back when you export it again.

Would you prefer the software to forget that name and roll back to the default file name and location every time you export the barcode? Even if you make a minor change, you will have to locate that folder again. Is it what you want? Maybe you can provide some background?


I'll make a separate topic on that