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We've just released Barcode 1.11 where the problem is fixed. It would be nice if you confirm that it works for you.

Yes, Imposition Wizard is compatible with the latest Acrobat DC on both Windows and Mac platforms.

There is an option for that in application settings. Click Boxshot in the main menu, then click Preferences and uncheck the "Show grid" option there.

You simply drag and drop them onto the book shape. Have a look here for more details:

OK, thanks for the confirmation. We'll update the software to not add that line and release an update probably next week. Thanks for your help.

Yes, we got them. Thank you. Can you do a test for me please? Export an EPS file, open it as a text file and remove the %%HiResBoundingBox line at the very beginning of the file, then try drag it into InDesign. Will it help?

Just use the form at the bottom of this page:

Please feel free to send the EPS files privately.

As it works a different way for empty and non-empty image box, I believe you'd better contact Adobe guys for help, as this looks like their issue.

Barcode generates quite a small EPS files and maybe Indesign expects something there that is missed, but all the other apps, including Illustrator open our EPS files fine, so I believe it is InDesign import issue.

Re-saving EPS in Illustrator makes it like 60 times bigger, so it is hard to tell what exactly changes there so it starts working. If by any chance you have a really small EPS file that works the way you need - please send it here so we can have a look and maybe update or exporter.

Meanwhile you can use PDF for export as it seems working the way you need even for empty image boxes.


Yes, you can make with GS1-128 symbology by setting AppID to 01.