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We do not do that, sorry. However, it should take just a few minutes to make one with Lathe shape in Boxshot as long as you have a bottle outline. You can make one in Illustrator, again, within minutes. Then export to SVG, load to Boxhsot Lathe editor and you're done!

There are way too many bottle shapes around, so we don't have a preset for this exactly one. With Lathe object you simply need to make an SVG contour of the bottle, then Boxshot will make a 3D shape of it.

See here for more details:

Hello Tom,

You need Boxshot Ultimate for that. The bottle can be done with Lathe or Loft shapes. The label can be done with decal or Conical Label shape.

You can try that in the demo and see if it works for you.

We provide discounts to Box Shot 3D customers, just contact us directly if you decide to upgrade to Boxshot Ultimate.

Cool! Please upload more of that when ready :)

You need job files. Job file is a simple XML file that links Boxshot project with a set of renderings. When you set a batch rendering, Boxshot internally makes such file in the rendering folder, you can have a look at it there. Then you can make your own file based on that, or simply copy and re-use the one that Boxshot makes.

Basically, you need a project, job-file next to it and some artwork listed in that job file. Then you can run the job file with Boxshot and get your books rendered the way you need.

You can read more about this here: but looking at the existing jobs should work better.

I will be happy to answer your further questions, if any.

We're using custom UI framework, so it doesn't automatically switch to the dark mode on Mac. We'll make it one day for sure, please upvote to speed the process up :)

Version 5 lighting is different, so I don't think you can do exactly 100% the same lighting as in version 4. If you need to match the old images, you'd better do it in version 4.

Otherwise, the new sunlight settings are pretty much the same as "easy lighting" you had before. Instead of omni light Boxshot 5 uses direction lighting (much closer to actual sun lighting), so the shadows will look thinner. The "blur" option has been replaced with "angle" and works pretty much the same way. The "contrast" option is gone and you now have two intensities instead: the sunlight and the environment one. For more contrast shadows you need to increase the sunlight intensity and reduce the environment one, so the sunlight becomes the main source of lighting. For less contrast shadows you do the opposite.

If your images can have a new look I would recommend to setup completely new lighting in version 5 and simply keep using it since then. Otherwise, continue doing it in version 4 and use version 5 for new/other projects.

I am not 100% sure, but it looks like the camera goes under floor, so the shape is not visible. Here I partially moved the shape under the floor:

Here I moved the camera under the floor:

So floor is opaque in both directions. This is one of the new features of Boxshot 5. If you want to see the shape from that angle, consider turning the floor off.