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For such scenarios you'd better export to Boxshot and then apply your artwork as a decal. This way you get a better resolution and quality at the price of some extra steps.

What is the max DPI/resolution you need? The limits are there for a reason, as with large DPI the artwork becomes too big even for modern GPU, so previewing it in Origami could easily be a problem.

Btw, you can always export the artboard manually from Illustrator with the DPI you need and replace the one exported by Origami. Providing that you checked "use artboard bounds" in Illustrator when exporting, it should work just fine until we release an update with higher DPI limit.

The idea was to provide a visual feedback of what exactly the tool does. The Stack tool works the same way. It is not a big deal to make it 1x1x1 by default, though...

The speed is another issue. We could try adding instances instead of copies there. This will improve the speed, but make editing a little bit surprising as modifying a single object will affect the others. What do you think?

Yep, missed that :( Will fix in the next update. Is that Mac OS, correct?

I guess I need the project itself. Can you do File->Collect Resources and send me the ZIP of the output folder please?

So far I see a slightly blurred and too bright artwork, which may be caused by the image source/resolution and the lighting settings. Have a project would help.

You can use projects for that. Just save the scene as a project and use it as a starting point for the new scene. In projects you can have snapshots - these are saved camera positions, so you can have the same angle on many renderings. 

It would really help if you provide more information, like a screenshot or something?

Could you provide more details, please? Is this an OBJ file you found somewhere else, loaded to Boxshot and got the facets? Or is that a bottle made in Boxshot, exported to OBJ and looking wrong?

If it is the first case, you can smooth normals this way:

In order to get more control on the bottle's detalisation, I'd recommend using lathe tool for making such a bottle from scratch. This way you can specify the level of details of the shape, which is more flexible that just smoothing normals.

If this is not the case and you get the hard-edged bottle using Boxshot shapes, please share the project so I can have a closer look.