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Can I see a sample model please? For external models Boxshot uses their own materials and properties, so if the color is loaded grey, it is most likely that grey in the model. If we change that, this may affect other models with proper colors.

Hello Marcus,

You can create the book spread shape, then rotate it upside down using gizmo: - this can be done in Boxshot Home.

It should say 8K, not 8000K. Please let me know if it says 8000K somewhere, as this must be a mistake.

Boxshot Home renders to resolutions up to 1024x1024 pixels, while the Professional version can do 8192x8192 pixels. You can find pixel resolutions and much more details here:

As long as you have a valid non-expired license for version 4, you can use version 5, as well. Boxshot 5 uses a different rendering engine that may further improve your renderings, but as long as you are happy with the latest Boxshot 4, you can stay there while version 5 is still in beta.

Boxshot exports animations as frames, so you can then encode it to video the way you need. There are too many video codecs and various compression options, so we'd better leave that to video editors.

This forum is exactly for that. Create a new message with a descriptive title and content, select "Idea" as the message type and submit. The more support it gets, the more the chances we'll implement that.

We added comma support in version 5.0.2. Although the dot is still the main decimal delimiter, you can now use commas when entering numbers.

More details are here:

We added support of commas in 5.0.2. The dot is still the main delimiter, but commas are now accepted, as well:

I believe we fixed the arrows (gizmo) problem in the latest update. See here: