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Wow, that's amazing! Can we use it in the gallery?

You can export to Collada or Boxshot Model format and then import that to Boxshot. The artwork should be imported, as well. If you see the model, but not the artwork after importing, make sure the images are placed next to the model file itself.

I never heard about that, but I believe there must be something made specifically for balls. Somewhere...

I afraid you can't fit that onto a sphere in Boxshot :(

Boxshot expects a latlong image for sphere, like this one:

Any chance you can convert your artwork this way?

Just want to note that version 3 lets you drag and drop presets into the application like you do with PDF files. So you can have a separate folder of presets arranged the way you need and simply drag them into the software.

It may be not a perfect solution, but it is at least something.

The simplest way to do exactly that shape is to use Origami: - the software for folding paper shapes.

If you need to do it in Boxshot, I would use Extrude shape for the main layout and then another one for the top part of the envelope (it is at the bottom on your image).

Let me know if you need any further assistance with this.


Any chance you have a photo or sketch of the shape?

This one is not (yet) supported, we'll add it in the next update.