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Good point! Let's keep it here to see what others tell.

Hello Glen,

So far we had no issues with it. Let me know if you run into any problems after updating OS.


Hello Peter,

We've just released version 1.7 of Koru that got the mask parameter you need. Sorry about the time it took. Let me know if it helps.


We'll look into that, thank you.

The plugin gets the label dimensions from the artwork and then asks for top and bottom diameters of the applied label, so the height here is the artwork height, or the length of the vessel surface along the label.

The other option lets you choose how to apply the label. Selecting "top" will bend the bottom part of the label, selecting "bottom" will bend the top part of the label and selecting "middle" will bend both parts of the label. You basically choose where on the label you want to keep the original width of the artwork and then the plugin adjusts the other parts of the label according to your selection.

Done, please give it a try and let me know if it works for you:

Give the new version a try, it should load SVG files much better:

Let me know if it still doesn't work for you (please attach an SVG file then).

Well, all the math is based on the dimensions you provide. If the label doesn't fit well, I would first check that top/bottom diameters are measured properly. If it is not the case, I need more details, like dimensions, photos of the non-straight label and so on, so we can have a closer look.

Could you check both source and destination folders please? Is the source folder located on the "cloud" drive? Is the destination folder created at the time the message is shown? Please provide more information, so we can help.

Also, click Help->Open System Folder and see the log file there. Have a look inside, maybe there is a more detailed error message there?

Use Illustrator->Make/Update Backside menu item to generate the second artboard for the other side. Then put the artwork there.

See here for more details: