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Sure, you can attach images right here. This really helps. The more details you provide, the higher are the chances we'll implement that.

These are built-in, so you can't hide them easily. I would hide the cap itself and re-make it with lathe or loft shape.

Please provide more details on that. What is the ridge texture, where is it and what shape is used to make the cap? There are two many possible options to consider to provide a helpful answer straight away.

That's shrink wrap and we don't currently support that. Basically, yes you need to wrap a texture around a conical object, but it will be hard to do this evenly and seamless. Try conical label for artwork, it could help.

Shrink wrap is in plans.

Oh, the flexible bags... Got it, thank you.

Sure, can you share some images of the shapes you want to get?

Hello Oliver,

Sorry about the delay, I'll answer your question somewhat later.

Turntable animation rotate the camera not the scene, so the shadow rotates, as well. Unfortunately there is no easy way to rotate the scene the same way as we rotate the camera, unless you are willing to manually create a job file.

This could be a nice add-on to the turntable animation, though...