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You will need to re-import it.

There is a number of double-cuts here:

The next version of Origami should be able to detect some of those, so things are going to get easier a bit :)

Not yet, sorry.... It is better to continue the discussion in that topic, so we keep all the things at one place.

Overall, the plan is to fit this to the next update of IW (ver. 3.2)

Can you share the Illustrator file, please? Also let me know the Origami version you use.

What are the exact versions of Boxshot and Origami 2 and 3?

No, there is no such a way at the moment, but we may consider adding it in the future.

You can try accessing the scene material using Javascript and modify the color there. More details are here:

If you want a simpler solution, you can just make some materials in Koru and make a snapshot for each material.

Hello Andrew,

We did some tests with Apple development kit and the rendering was slower, but not to that extent... We haven't got the new macs yet, hope to get them by December and then we'll be able to do proper performance testing with the real hardware.

The thing is that Boxshot highly depends on CPU and emulation slows the things down. Unfortunately, one of the frameworks that we depend on has not been ported to ARM yet. This should be done early next year and then we'll be able to release the ARM version of Boxshot (and other apps). Meanwhile, consider rendering on Intel.


This is planned for the next update.