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Not yet, but I'll leave it here for the others to upvote.

Thanks, the latter seems to be the way to go, we'll add an option for that to the settings.

Can you share a simple scene of 2-3 STL files that we can test it on?

Thanks for the detailed answer. For the shapes panel I'd recommend using a more specific selection at the top of the panel instead of "All Shapes". This way you don't need to scroll at all.

Hello Oliver,

You mean the green one on Mac? There is a system-wide trick to hold down alt/option before clicking it. It will then change to the "plus" sign and will simply maximise the window.


Could you provide more details on that please? Maybe some screenshot or a video? So far it is not so clear what exactly disturbs you. Is that about sliders in the camera panel?

Click Scene->Script Editor and paste this code there:

function koruInit(koru) {
    koru.addEventListener('update', onKoruUpdate);

function onKoruUpdate(event) {
    var koru = event.koru;

    var cubes = koru.root.getNodesByName("Cube");
    if (cubes.length < 1) return;
    var cube = cubes[0];

    if (cube.userData.startTime !== undefined && event.idleTime > cube.userData.startTime) {
        var delta = event.idleTime - cube.userData.startTime;
        var rot = cube.rotation;
        rot.z += delta * 10;
        cube.rotation = rot;

    cube.userData.startTime = event.idleTime;


This will slowly rotate the cube while the scene is inactive. The script locates the cube node, then does some magic to get the time delta since the last frame, then finally applies that delta towards the cube's rotation angle. You can change "10" to something bigger to speed the cube up.

We've just released Origami 2.9.1 where you can configure that. Let me know if it helps.