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Unfortunately, the page gives a 404 error. The problem could be caused by the javascript code, which should look like this:

function koruInit(koru) {
    koru.addEventListener('loadend', onLoadEnd);
    koru.addEventListener('update', onKoruUpdate);

function onLoadEnd() {

function onKoruUpdate() {
    // the code from the screenshot above

So you need to add two handlers in a single koruInit() and implement them in two separate functions.

Hello Arne,

Have a look at Koru: - that's exactly what you need.


So far we had no issues with running Origami on Big Sur, so you are good to go with the upgrade. Let me know if you have any problems.

Got it, will address this in the next update.


Other users find it convenient to keep the name they entered on the previous saving, so forgetting this name would be a problem for them. Barcode currently remembers the exported file name for each barcode and puts it back when you export it again.

Would you prefer the software to forget that name and roll back to the default file name and location every time you export the barcode? Even if you make a minor change, you will have to locate that folder again. Is it what you want? Maybe you can provide some background?


I'll make a separate topic on that

That's a complex story... The requirements we activated let you make more stable and firm boxes, as all the flaps reach the opposite sides and so on. The generator always tells if it adjusts something, so if you didn't see the messages, you probably made the boxes of the dimensions you provided. That new requirements were added just a couple of days ago, so you hardly made a wrong box with us.

Overall, I accept two things:

1. We should try making a box even if the input parameters are not perfect;

2. We should not change the dimensions to match our requirements or standards. We may display a warning, but the dimensions should be controlled by the user.

We've updated FEFCO-0427 to partially match the two points above. In the next few days we'll finish the fix and update some other dielines that do the same. You should end up with more control on the process.

It would really help if you give the updated version a try and confirm that the boxes are generated properly and all the elements work nice together.

We're working on that and some FEFCO boxes already let you switch between inner and outer dimensions, FEFCO 04XX for instance. We've also recently added outer dimensions option to ECMA dielines. Please have a look and let me know if some of the dielines you need are still missing that. We'll add that to all of them eventually, but your feedback might help to re-prioritise the dielines.

Hello Glen,

We did some tests with the beta and it worked quite well. I don't think there will be any issues and we already have some customers using Big Sur. We haven't updated it here yet, though :)