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Boxshot 5 also has some extra settings for that, see here:

Hello Renier,

Have a look at this tutorial:, it should help to get started. Then you can ask more specific questions, if any.

Hello Muhammad,

Do you use the pharma bottle shape? Although it is quite flexible, you can't make just any bottle out of it. Consider using the lathe (or loft) shape instead. There you can control the outline and make absolutely any bottle, including the one your customer needs.


Added to the TODO list :)

Have a look at your browser's console output. There is a javascript error related to a missing color-picker object. I guess the code stops there and simply doesn't go to the second file-picker initialization.

You need to assign a different material to the part that you want to put the label on. See the "Materials" section here:

Hello Peter,

It depends on what exactly you need, but basically it splits in two steps:

1. to load multiple images

2. to assign them to multiple sides

I can't help with the first one, but I bet you'll find a lot of sample code for multiple files loading. Once this is done, you can assign them to different materials/objects exactly the same way as you can do for a single material. There will be a little bit more javascript to do so, but overall it is the same.

Let me know if you have more specific questions.

What is the Boxshot version you have?

Decals are the way to go, unless the label fully wraps the bottle. Decals have scaling parameter that helps to resize them.

Another option would be to use Boxshot 5 that lets you hide some parts of the imported shape and combine the pump with the loft/lathe-based bottle, where you have more control over materials.

I don't think that set will help you to make that pump. These are just pre-created models that you can easily customize with your artwork as long as their shape satisfies your needs. In your case, the pump looks somewhat different, so the set will hardly work for you.

You can compose the most of the pump using lathe or loft shapes, then make a nose using extrude shape. Another option is to find a 3rd-party 3d pump model somewhere and import it to Boxshot scene - that will work better if you need a realistic nose design. Otherwise I would go with loft + extrude option.