Your comments

It would be nice if you provide some details on what exactly doesn't work for you?

The current implementation of shuffle is based on n-up layout. We split pages in groups, shuffle them and then do n-up for that group, then go to the next one.

If you have a look at n-up implementation, you'll find that it also acts different if duplex mode is enabled. The thing is that in duplex mode IW tries to put even pages right behind the odd ones on the sheet.

So in both n-up, cut stack and shuffle if the duplex mode is enabled, each second page goes to the other side of the sheet, not to the right/bottom of the current page. That's the difference and it lets you easily duplicate fronts to backs by providing "1 1" rule to shuffle.

We have some customers struggling with that approach, so the big question is what would be better: to add another option to shuffle, or to make the default behavior more obvious by providing some hints and helps.

Your opinion is much appreciated :)
Could you elaborate on this, please? Origami is about custom dielines - you create them in Illustrator and it then folds them up for you. What exactly feature you miss?
So you want to be able to replace all the images at once? Like having a list of currently used images and the ability to modify that list, automatically replacing the assigned textures?
We've got tint for that. Doesn't it work for you?
We'll think about this, thank you. So far the suggested option is to export shapes to Boxshot or any other editor for further composing.
What if you export the shape to Boxshot/Owlet/any other 3D editor and then rotate and render it there? That's the best way of doing this so far.
I feel your pain, but so far we see no way of simple and effective way of doing that. Suggestions are welcome.

We can't mark bottom with an edge, as shape may rotate around the edge, so the angle to the floor cannot be defined that way.