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We have this in plans, please upvote here to speed it up.

That's interesting. Actually, there's nothing that Origami does every 6-7 seconds at all. When Origami app is not running, the plugin tries to connect it, but it does this in background and it should affect the user interface at all. 

We'll double-check that area in the code, just to make sure, though.

Btw, from the top of my head: do you have a firewall software? Will it help if you temporary disable it?

On Mac you can always use the built-in Cmd+` shortcut. Does it work for you?

We did the same for GLB format online and in Koru and so far I wouldn't say it is being used a lot. We're keeping an eye on the Apple's one and will probably add it to Koru, as well if there will be demand. So far I'd say that the demand is also low.

Feel free to upvote this idea, let's see how it goes.

We don't have such controls in Boxshot, but it is a good idea to think about... Thank you :)

Try Koru: - it has a free option, so you can try it first. There is a tutorial for Wordpress here:

If you don't have a 3D book model itself, you need Boxshot Professional or Ultimate to make one and export to Koru.

Sure, the problem is that on top of that we need a nice and simple user interface. Personally, I don't really like how it is done now with all these parameters for angles. On the other hand, I don't see a way to do it simpler. Maybe a special pop-up editor, like we have for loft/lathe/extrude objects?

It would be nice if you share your vision of the interface that will work for you.

Hello Laura,

These shapes are purchased separately. You can find a detailed comparison of Boxshot editions here:

Unfortunately, we do not provide discounts to non-profits.