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Hello Rolf,

There is a couple of ways you can do this, so let's start with what you want as a result? Do you want a static or interactive book on your website?

Sure, Origami (like Boxshot, Koru and Owlet) features orbit camera that rotates around the center. This center is defined by the bottom parameters of window, called "Target parameters", as they define the target that the camera looks at:

At the top you see "Yaw" and "Pitch" parameters, that define rotation angles, and the "Distance" parameter that controls how far is the camera from the center (target position).

Try our other software, like Boxshot that displays these parameters in real time while you rotating the camera with your mouse to see how they work.

The recommended approach for having similar views of multiple models is to export models to a scene composing application like Boxshot, Owlet or Koru, where you have much more control on the camera and other parameters. However, if all you need is to have the same camera position, simply copy the values you like from the parameters window and re-use them when needed.

Should work fine now. Let me know if it doesn't.

That's because of the paper thickness option we recently added. Looks like the limits are set for thick paper, we'll re-consider them for the thinner one. It should start working again soon.

Thanks for the heads up.

Hello Robert,

Sure, have a look here: - it is not exactly the same, but pretty close.


Thanks, it looks like Adobe Illustrator does not support envelopes for linked files:

The solution is to embed the images, then you can wrap the label.

You can save templates in Imposition Wizard by clicking File->Save Template menu item. Make sure you use the latest version of IW if you don't have it in the menu.

Thanks for the screenshots. Can we get a real AI project that doesn't work? Maybe a small example, showing the problem that we can test here?