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Having objects/materials instances is too complex for an average Boxshot user. Instead we added "Copy Materials" tool which does almost the same, but a different way. More details is here:
Added in 4.14, including the Adobe extensions so you can use their stock models. More details here:
Registration color should work fine, can you send a sample before/after PDF to us, please? Use the "contact us" link at the bottom of

Thank you.
What version if Imposition Wizard do you use? There is a limitation of PDFKit engine used in IW Standalone on Mac, but the Acrobat version should work fine. Providing some details would help.
Check the "Crop texture" button for the side you load the artwork to. I guess it is being cropped.
This sounds like another software :) The initial idea behind Origami was a simple tool to convert Illustrator drawings to 3D models. Then we added online generator to help you start faster and get a dieline template for further adjustment.

Folding animation, post-generation size changes and other stuff like that means Origami has to control the dieline, not Illustrator. This means we'll have to lock the dieline from editing in Illustrator at all, as there might be conflicts if you modify the dieline and then ask Origami to resize it. This way we'll end up with a small CAD software that doesn't need Illustrator at all.

Well, there is a request like that nearby so maybe it could be an option, but what do you think about missing the ability to use Illustrator for customising dielines?
Koru itself leaves a small footprint in HTML files, most of the file is the scene data. Here's what you can check:

- Textures - although Koru automatically resizes large textures and try lossy compression where possible, it is still worth providing a lower-resolution ones if the output size is an issue;
- Environment - by default Koru scene has environment map used for reflection and other effects. If the output size matters, consider downscaling or even removing it in the scene panel;
- Geometry - the more objects you have in scene, the more detailed are they - the larger the output file. We're going to add polygon reduction tools in the future, but so far you need to do it before loading shapes to Koru.

Also if you export for web site, make sure you use server export, as it gives about 30% smaller files.
IW has presets and remembers the last preset used, so you get the same IW as you left it the last time. Doesn't it help?
Queued renderings and animation are saved next to the "render later" jobs. You can setup your own job folder in settings, then in job manager you simply click "Open Folder" for the job and get your files.