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Sorry guys, this is hardly possible. Home edition is for hobby and web projects, where 1024 is still OK. If you'd like higher resolution, consider the Professional edition which supports resolutions up to 8K and much more.
This is much more complex on Windows and has been never implemented in Box Shot 3D. If you really need this, please create one more idea specifically about Windows.
Doypack was added in 4.0.22
Implemented in Boxshot 4.0.23 (Mac-only). PDF and AI files can be used as textures.
Implemented in Boxshot 4.0.23
Implemented in Boxshot 4.0.23 (Mac-only)
Implemented in Boxshot 4.0.23
CD boxes have tray card and insert materials and fully customizable. DVD box may miss the tray card material, but still has the Insert one. It would really help if you provide some more information of what exactly do you need.
Box Shot 3D doesn't have this feature, as well. Thanks for the suggestion, it's a nice one.
Do you mean file extensions? Boxshot adds them. Please provide more information.