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The current version of Boxshot loads old files quite well. Not 100% perfect (this is impossible), but not so bad. If you feel that some of your project still need better loading, please contact support directly, or create another (more concrete) idea.
Old shadows have been added in the last release, see the tutorials for reflection details. If you still need floor reflection like in Box Shot 3D, please submit one more idea.
Is it the same as doypack?
There is an "Image" shape in Boxshot 4 (also in Box Shot 3D), and "Image Fan" shape, as well. This is probably exactly what you need, right?
Good point, thank you.
Usually, there are much more people who'd like to get shapes, than who'd like to make them :) There will be some kind of "warehouse" or even "boxshop", but a little bit later.

Btw, binder shapes (plastic, coil, etc) will be added in the future releases as internal shapes. As they were in Box Shot 3D.
available in the Ultimate edition
This feature will be available with the very first release of Boxshot 4. Right now we're working on it :)
You can put a plane object to the floor and apply material there.