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Hi Vitaly,

We have a new server since last weekend, and 'suddenly' Boxshot is working perfectly fine. So, I want to thank you for all your help and patience.

Have a nice day!

Kind regards, Jorien

Hi Vitaly,

It works perfectly fine without the virtual machine. Although I can't make them bigger than 1024px.

I can try it without virtual machine, but can I use the keychain/serial number again?

I tried to render a book with the deprecated raytracing engine: it works! Even 3000px renders quite fast. 

What I meant with ctrl/alt/del: at a certain point Boxshot doens't react to anything. So in order to shut it down I shut down the Boxshot process with ctrl/alt/del (not the whole VM).

It does not get stuck when I render an empty scene. But it does stuck (after 73%) when I add a default book (and I don't change the perspective or anything else) and I click render.

I work on a virtual machine (with 2 virtual CPUs and 8GB RAM). I log in on the virtual machine via a remote dekstop. 

Hi Vitaly,

  1. It's a desktop computer. I work on a virtual desktop.
  2. I always use Raytracer 2. The other option is 'Raytracer (deprecated)'

Kind regards,

Hello Vitaly,


Fair point. Ok, there we go:

-   Boxshot version 4.15.1

-          Windows 10

-          First I thought it got stuck, because my license was expired, but I bought a new license yesterday, and it still happens

-          I reinstalled it, but it still happens

-          It happens when I use one of my boxshot files for a 3D book, but also if I make a new one

-          Every time I click Render, the process starts, but on a certain point it just won’t progress. Last Friday everything worked perfectly fine. And fast too. If I wait for half an hour a simple 3D book (width 1000px) is at 28%, for example. Or when I start rendering in the evening, the next morning it is at 96%. Which is weird for a picture with a width of 1000 pixels.

-          If I press ‘Cancel’ it won’t cancel. So I have to quit with control/alt/delete

-          By the way, I use Photoshop and other software at the same time. Which never is a problem when I render small books.


Do you need more information?