Your comments

Okay, thanks for the update. 

Unfortunately we have our Rendering Servers already setup with MacOS, so Windows is no option. Guess we have to wait, good luck with the update :)

@Vitaly: Any update on when the next update is planned? We were hoping that it would get fixed soon :)

I see. Will watch the changelog of the next versions :)

Alright, it works good enough for us to work with :)

Two things are not that nice:

1. The process doesn't end when the rendering is finished. Is there a possibility to do so? I work around it by checking the command line output.

2. The command line output is written to the error stream although the outputs are no errors.

Other than that it works as we need it. The workaround to find out when the rendering is finished is a bit annoying, but I hope you'll find a solution for that before you release it officially.

I see, no problem. Glad there's a way to do it anyway. Will check it out today and get back when there should be any problems with it :)

Great, thanks a lot for the quick answer. I was already trying to think about a fallback solution, but this makes my life much easier :) 

Is there any documentation about the command line features of Boxshot that I missed?