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Hey, great work on the version for illustrator CC20. Main thing for me would be adding paper presets of my own. A lot of the packaging work I do depends on the dyelines being set up for specific card weights and stocks, so this would be key. Other than that enjoying it so far!

Hi, annoyingly I sent you the zipped Boxshot after I played around with it, I've just had a render come through fine too! I think it was removing a group that had been rotated as part of another group that did it. I'll keep an eye and, if the issue crops up again will reply here with the files for you and a more detailed description. Thanks for looking into this, much appreciated!

Sure, here you go – let me know if you need anything else?

Thank you! Yes, it was one of the first after upgrading to 5.

Thanks for the environment tip, I've been too busy with workload to properly explore, so this is really handy – a lot of our packs have foil, so this is fantastic! Will definitely dig into these and see what's what. That tutorial is great BTW :)

Do you have an email address or anything to supply png files to when done?

By when it's done, I mean when I've created it – there's no problem with anything I create for myself :)

Ah thank you! This is for a client project, so if it's going to be featured anywhere it would need to wait until November 2019 when this product goes to market. If you like I can create a version that you can feature when it's done?

Have almost finished this toy car build in Boxshot 5. Using lots of SVG files exported from Illustrator to create lathes, extrudes and lofts and bringing in jpegs for the UV mapping on the wheels. The curved element in red was created by extruding the shape from the side. Overall very pleased with the results… 

Thank you! Sure will, just waiting on the OK to be able to share the final design publicly :)