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Booklet Saddle on 18x12.iwPreset

Booklet Saddle on 19x13.iwPreset

I think I've figured out what isn't working. It's that I've chosen Black Crops (because of click charges on black and white pages) rather than Registration. I noticed when I chose Registration they came back.

No luck. I downloaded the Mac version and now have no crop marks at all, even in my presets that previously had them.

Okay, I feel silly...

What I was looking for was actually already under Page Information.

Once I toggled it on, I realize this is *exactly* what I needed! It would be nice to have it customizable like it is under Text, but it works fine as it is. 

The page_start/end was just me giving names to what I didn't realize was already there... sorry for the confusion!

If IW could read the folders within the presets folder so that we could manually put them where we want, that would be fine, too. I don't mind manual organization. :)

I have 60 some odd presets... all used with frequency. Some by imposition size and qty up on the sheet, some by name. Just being able to consolidate like imposition presets would help.

The first picture is my current Presets folder:

Since organizing is something very personal to each user, I think this may be the ideal solution... fully customizable from Finder. No need to enter the program to organize. Just create folders, name as you want, drop in the presets you've already created (or have the program save to a choice of these folders or allow new ones to be created.)


Awesome! Downloading now. Thank you!

Perfect! Thank you for being so responsive! :)

Still have to be careful of system fonts with a lot of variations. I'd steer clear of Times for that reason. If the fonts appears in the document and the font manager turns it off so that the document's font can be loaded, we might run into the same issue.

I've just been using Pitstop to change that slug line to "Verdana" and it seems to be doing fine for now. Since Verdana is so rarely used and there is only one version floating around... it was a pretty safe bet.

Thank you for all your help! Other than a few little snags, this program has been performing beautifully. 

I'm just curious...

Is there a way we could set our own font for this slug line? Perhaps as a selection in the preferences?

As I said before... in a prepress situation, Helvetica has been known to cause issues due to conflicts with system fonts -- and the fact there are so many different variations of this font that may be activated. My situation might be unique, but I have easily 14 versions of Helvetica Regular, alone!

If the customer requires we activate one version of Helvetica (we have a LOT of government accounts that use this exclusively), and another version is required for the tagline, it may cause conflicts with the font we have activated. 

If I had the ability to select a font that isn't known for these issues (maybe myriad pro or calibri?) for the tag line, I am guessing we could make this issue disappear.

I'm using the plug-in but it happens on the standalone, too.